Trainer helpsheet

Constructive Reporting Tips

  • Report the FULL truth, including examples of resilience, post-traumatic growth, positive emotions and accomplishments.
  • Report on solutions as well as problems.
  • Abandon pre-conceived narratives (look for the new and unexpected). 
  • Embrace nuance and context. Steer away from black and white.  
  • Change your mindset and framing — “Not all news is bad news, not only bad news is news”
  • Facilitate open-minded debates. 
  • When writing, balance positive and pessimistic styles.
  • Include diverse voices.
  • Talk to those affected by problems, not just those causing them or trying to solve them.  
  • Avoid looking for the most extreme example; the most outlandish quote. Are those representative? 
  • Understand the history of the issue, tell your audience. 
  • Turn down the volume: fewer horrific scenes, less traumatization, less sensation.
  • Don’t neglect narratives of resistance, solidarity, and compassion, while being independent, critical and realistic.